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In countless offices, institutions, and schools it is still dangerous to speak out against company leaders or high-ranking officials who engage in sexual misconduct.

(Some women say they accepted the producer’s offers to meet with them because of the considerable sway he held over countless Hollywood careers. Particularly, the 90s were a turning point in the public outrage over workplace misconduct, such as harassment, intimidation, coercion, and assault.What was new, however, was that the victims of these acts—despite the influence of their bosses or the potential damage to their careers—decided to speak out, aided by new statutes and grievance procedures that protected accusers. C.], the arm of government that oversaw compliance with laws protecting American workers’ civil rights.)Anita Hill, a law professor, was a former employee of Thomas’s, whose story began to surface.As has happened with the flood of accusers coming forward with stories about Harvey Weinstein in the last week, many found confidence in the sheer number of women who were emerging from the shadows to explain how they too had been intimidated, traumatized, dehumanized. And Senate aides, in the lead-up to Thomas’s confirmation hearings, became aware of a purported pattern of behavior by Thomas involving unwelcome and sexually suggestive comments. Ironically, he headed up the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [E. Investigators phoned her and inquired if she would be willing to testify about Thomas before Congress.(Thomas repeatedly denied Hill's allegations and was subsequently confirmed as a justice on the Supreme Court.) Now, HBO is revisiting the story with their new film Confirmation, and interest in Hill and Thomas has reached a level not seen in decades.But while Hill's claims did not stop Thomas' nomination, did anyone else ever accuse Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment?Frequent, too, were accusations of sexual misconduct—or of behavior that might be perceived as unbecoming a public servant—against lawmakers and governors and political figures (Democrats Republicans) throughout the 80s and 90s, including Jon Hinson, Robert Bauman, John Schmitz, Dan Crane, Brock Adams, John Tower, Buz Lukens, Bob Packwood, Dan Burton, Henry Hyde, and Mel Reynolds.”Indeed, President Bill Clinton himself, in a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court, battled allegations that, while governor of Arkansas, he had made a crude sexual overture to a state employee, Paula Jones.

(The suit was eventually settled with no admission of wrongdoing on Clinton’s part.) And even as Clinton was impeached—in part for lying under oath about a romantic relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky—his nemesis Newt Gingrich, the Speaker of the House, as I’ve noted, “was involved in his own affair.And facing an all-white, all-male committee of senators—and a national television audience—she vividly detailed encounters in which Thomas, her boss, had allegedly made graphic sexual remarks, discussed porn, or asked her out on dates. “I was able to tell the truth of what happened in the face of all those people trying to completely silence me. Aided in part by Hill’s public disclosures, the coffers began to swell at EMILY’s List, a group that backed the candidates of female pro-choice Democrats.I could not have done it without four corroborating witnesses—people I’d told years before the nomination.” In fact, in the year following her Senate appearance, as I have written, the E. And by the fall of 1992, in what many would call the ‘Anita Hill Class,’ 28 new female members were voted into Congress, an unprecedented number.”Many women have taken similarly valiant stances in the years since, but Hill’s legacy lives on; Rose Mc Gowan, one of Harvey Weinstein’s most vocal accusers, acknowledged as much in a tweet on Friday: Despite the progress in the 1990s, many workplaces have remained resistant to change.If you grew up in the '90s, you may recall the name "Anita Hill" being bandied about in the news in the early part of the decade.Hill became known for accusing then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of alleged sexual harassment during his nomination hearings in 1991, and for the media circus that followed.Although Hill is the most well-known person to accuse Thomas of sexual harassment, she is not the only woman to do so.

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