Updating a server

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Updating a server - nederlandse gebarentaal leren online dating

It must include the protocol, and it can include an optional port number.Wallet requires an HTTPS connection to your server for all communication.

You need to be able to look up information in both directions: to find the passes that a given device has registered for, and to find the devices that have registered for a given pass.

Your server saves the device’s library ID and its push token.

The device sends the following pieces of information: When a device removes a registration, it uses the same endpoint and sends the same data.

You can also update a pass when it represents multiple real-world actions.

For example, a season ticket gains access to every game of the season and is updated before each game.

The difference is that the device sends a DELETE request instead of a POST request, and your server removes (or invalidates) data from its tables instead of adding it.

When a device removes a registration, you can immediately remove the entry from the registrations table.

Your server must be able to compare any two tags to determine which one comes before the other, and the later tag must also be later than every earlier tag.

The tag system is similar to the standard HTTP If-Modified-Since mechanism, but different in an important way.

The Apple Push Notification service (APNs) provides feedback to your server that may require specific actions.

For example, if APNs tells you that a push token is invalid, remove that device and its registrations from your server.

Its purpose is to allow efficient communication between the device and your server, not to let your server keep a list of of what passes are currently installed on a device.

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