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Tlc online dating show - Dating sites regina

, where real-life royalty disguise their heritage to find humble and loving partners.The series follow six royal heirs from countries such as Germany, South Africa, Uganda, and India as they hit UK bars, clubs, and online dating sites trying to find somebody who will love them without knowing their regal status.

In each episode, Clinton, current co-host of The Chew, and Devyn, former cast member on Real World, unearth the rationale behind the photo and status update choices for each unlucky, online dater and then help them transform their look and online presence.In the premiere episode, recently-widowed Paige is looking for a second chance at love, but desperately needs some help.Her kooky look screams freaky, not funky, so Clinton and Devyn come to the rescue and help her shine light on her full personality.The women put their new look to the test when Clinton and Devyn share the new and improved profile with 100 potential mates, and then the women choose a date from one of the men that liked her profile.From online disaster to dating in style, these women leave with new-found confidence to conquer the online dating world."I got the idea to apply because I was a fan of the original show," said Staehle.

"I watched it to see how other couples with language and cultural barriers made it work."This new show, where Staehle will appear starting Aug.

For the modern dater, online profiles have become just as important as what you see in person.

While swiping through hundreds of pages to find the perfect match, some have mastered the art of the SELFIE and the perfectly-written caption, but others are making bad choices that hurt their chances at finding love.

Clinton tackles Paige's wacky wardrobe and reinvents her look, and Devyn reintroduces her to the dating world for the first time in twenty years, giving her a crash course in online dating 101.

Together they give Paige a physical and emotional makeover and send her out on a date in hopes that her confidence will shine through in person and online.

Clinton takes each woman for a style makeover that better represents her whole personality - whether it is a mom looking to dress more conservatively or an introvert looking to express herself better through a new wardrobe.

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