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These transactions had nothing to do with pursuing profit. Because the Russian company and the offshore company both belonged to the same owner, these ordinary-seeming trades had an alchemical purpose: to turn rubles that were stuck in Russia into dollars stashed outside Russia.

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"In problems of security and fraud, the 'attacker's advantage' of only needing to find one weakness in a defense is well understood," White Ops CEO Michael Tiffany said in a statement.Talk to any marketer about the state of digital advertising and they'll enthusiastically share their thoughts on how far the industry has come, and how it can deliver better quality ads to consumers and generate more revenue for those involved when it's paired with cutting-edge ad technologies.After all, domestic digital advertising revenue surged 19% to .5 billion during the first six months of 2015, a landmark high for the industry, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.But whenever ad fraud is brought up those same marketers will usually shrug their shoulders and say something about how ad fraud is just part of the game.So it might not surprise anyone that .2 billion is expected to be lost globally as a result of nonhuman traffic in 2016, and that the problem is just as pervasive as it was last year.Programmatic display ads had 14% more bots than the study's overall average, and programmatic video saw 73% more bots.

Campaigns targeting certain demographics, or retargeting potential customers, also frequently engendered bots.

Media sites that garner higher ad rates struggled more with bot traffic, unsurprisingly, as fraudsters tried to intercept ad buys that were worth more money.

Display media with at least a cost per thousand impressions, or CPM, had 39% more bots than media with lower ad prices, according to the study.

Indeed, because the individual transactions involved in mirror trades did not directly contravene any regulations, some employees who worked at Deutsche Bank’s Russian headquarters at the time deny that such activity was improper.

(Fourteen former and current employees of Deutsche Bank in Moscow spoke to me about the mirror trades, as did several people involved with the clients.

Language on non-human traffic should be included in terms and conditions when making ad buys, they added, suggesting that buyers should consider writing into insertion orders that they will not pay for fraudulent impressions.

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