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Whether it’s 1,000 or 3,000 people, it feels the same. They’re rabid; they make GIFs and they make T-shirts. First rule of Emerson College is you don’t talk about Emerson College. We’re not “ruling” Hollywood, but to quote , “We’re the people who do your laundry and cook your food and serve your dinner. We guard you while you’re asleep.” Emersonians aren’t doing any real grunt work like that, but we are in every production office, on every executive team, in every writer’s room, part of every TV show and at every comedy club. Most inappropriate thing you ever did on Boston Common?

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"This book is also for me, because apparently expounding on a stage for two hours a night wasn't enough.

She describes it as a characteristically female way of thinking that appears to be contradictory and circuitous but is actually a complicated and highly evolved way of looking at the world.

When confronted with critical decisions about dating, sex, work, even getting dressed in the morning, Iliza argues that women will by nature consider every repercussion of every option before making a move toward what they really want.

From breakout stand-up comedian Iliza Shlesinger comes a subversively funny collection of essays and observations on a confident woman's approach to friendship, singlehood, and relationships.

"Girl Logic" is Iliza's term for the way women obsess over details and situations that men don't necessarily even notice.

A film major, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her stand-up career, and she’s the only woman, and the youngest comedian, to win NBC’s , premieres on Sept. It was characterized as a “dating” show, but it really wasn’t.

Now that that little diatribe is over, the only thing that got to my mother was a joke I made about silk blouses being burkas for American women. She was like “I love an elegant silk blouse.” Was your show ? Child molesting…let’s see, the list of things I find not funny is pretty long.

I wanted to give credence to our thought process and stand up for girls. You can do those calmer or deeper jokes and do some real work. Having only really done one, I’m gonna go with Jimmy Fallon’s. I love when someone in Denver says, “I saw you perform in Bagram or Kandahar.” They made it back alive. It wasn’t inappropriate but it was really fucking hard. For the purposes of not having an issue later, I’m going to say my father.

So with this latest special, given the chance to do a third Netflix special, I felt I had an obligation not just to comment on what women are thinking, because I’m kind of known for that. Not that I’ve done an arena tour, but big crowds feel comfortable to me. That being said, when I get the opportunity to do a more intimate venue, that’s when you get the chance to do some experimentation and digging. I’ve done bits with Craig Ferguson, and I’ve met Arsenio Hall…I guess I’ve done more than I thought. Literally everything except the moment you walk onstage to the minute you walk offstage. And I love putting my art out there and seeing how they make it their own. I have a specific memory of making my sophomore year film on a Bolex in the snow, ugh.

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(Trust me, if I could start a cult I would, but I hate the idea of deliberately dying in a group.)" Great mix of A life biography thus far, comedy, and theory. And she speaks of how you're on that same road too. The worst that can happen is being left feeling encouraged, inspired, and having a smile on your face.

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