Error updating group repository metadata maven

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If you use Maven or Gradle to build your application, then make sure to upgrade to a more recent version that supports JDK 9.If you use an IDE to develop your applications, then it can help to migrate existing code.

Prior releases produced two types of runtime images: the JRE, which was a complete implementation of the Java SE Platform, and the JDK, which included the entire JRE in a There are still separate JDK and JRE downloads, but each has the same directory structure.

For example, a few early adopters have noticed that their dates and currencies are formatted differently. Even if your program appears to run successfully, you should complete the rest of the steps in this guide and review the list of issues.

For every tool and third-party library that you use, you may need to have an updated version that supports JDK 9.

The modularization of the Java SE Platform brings many benefits, but also many changes.

Code that uses only official Java SE Platform APIs and supported JDK-specific APIs should continue to work without change.

Code that uses JDK-internal APIs should continue to run but should be migrated to use external APIs.

To migrate your application, start by following the steps listed in Prepare for Migration.Compiling your code with the JDK 9 compiler will ease migration to future releases since the code may depend on APIs and features which have been identified as problematic. If you need to compile your code with the JDK 9 compiler then take note of the following: BASE64Encoder JDK internal API (JDK removed internal API) Warning: JDK internal APIs are unsupported and private to JDK implementation that are subject to be removed or changed incompatibly and could break your application.Please modify your code to eliminate dependency on any JDK internal APIs.For the most recent update on JDK internal API replacements, please check: Dependency Analysis Tool JDK Internal API Suggested Replacement ---------------- --------------------- Base64 @since 1.8 JDK 9 provides a new simplified version-string format.You can disable the warning message on a library-by-library basis by using the command line flag.