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I donate blood on a pretty regular basis; the last time was about five months ago. I was told I am mildly anemic about three months ago after a physical. I will have a CBC done in a week or so, which will tell if the supplement has helped.

I am now on B12 injections at home as well as Procrit.Spinach, kale, fresh beet juice, and prenatal pills will be part of my everyday routine until my next blood test! About two weeks ago I got beating by a mosquito and developed this lump in my back. Good thing that I did, lately I have been feeling dizzy and felt tired, but did everything around the house.The result came back with hemoglobin of count of 9.9 very anemic and I didn't even know that I had such a disorder.I am 47 years old and have been anemic since my first day on earth.I took iron liquid all through my life till I was 12 and by then the iron had stained my teeth irreversibly. I get approximately 5 to 7 iron infusions a year, as my MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration) level is always too low; which means that my red blood cells are not formed correctly. My body stopped absorbing iron from foods and supplements about 10 years ago.For most of my life I have had these symptoms: fatigue, shortness of breath, prickling in my fingertips, cold skin, mental fatigue, moodiness and my worst one--hair loss.

I bought good iron pills from the health food store that have multiple support minerals for iron absorption, folic acid, B12, ferrous sulfate (as iron), vitamin C, and chlorophyll.

They blew me off and said I wasn't anemic, and not to worry.

After my last physical, they told me I was profoundly anemic at a 4, bordering a blood transfusion!

I am so active and healthy I couldn't believe this news, I didn't have the typical symptoms, other than the dark circles under my eyes.

I read through all the postings and feel better knowing I can treat this.

Please--if anyone suffers from these symptoms, go to your doctor, get a diagnosis and get treated. I was diagnosed with anemia four years ago and take 1-2 iron pills per day. Milk interferes with the absorption of iron, so I take my pills before I go to bed.