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We offer a confidential service to young people when they return home or to their care base. Our aim is to explore risks and to look at strategies for keeping young people safe.We know that going missing can be linked with risks of sexual exploitation or offending.

Child sexual exploitation does not always involve physical contact; it can single resource rotherham address occur through the use of technology. We are warm and approachable, we are open, single resource rotherham address we are willing single resource rotherham address share our journeys.

We also provide tailored training to residential care homes, secure units, staff teams, safeguarding boards and local authority children and young people services. Barnardos Child and Family Spport Services works with children and young people who have experienced abuse.

Single resource rotherham address provide a range of interventions for children and young people who have experienced or are at risk of sexual exploitation.

Our group programme — FACE Fighting Against Child Exploitation is an award winning programme which supports and enables young people to support others who have experienced or are at risk of sexual exploitation; raise awareness of sexual exploitation and the factors which can increase the risks of sexual exploitation; develop and produce resource for professionals and young people — such as the Nae Danger pack and the Face Up2It website Barnardos Cymru Seraf Service.

Offers intensive support, group work, prevention wok in schools, training for multi-agency professionals and consultation services. Barnardos run an independent 1: The service forms part of a wider service offer of intensive family support and mediation. We work in partnership with Police, Social Care and Health.

The website will give you the opportunity to get to know us and our work and attending any of our events will allow us to get to know you personally.

Remember this is your network and the more you add to it the more you single resource rotherham address increase the value of the support all our members get.Birmingham Space is a service for children and young people who are abused or vulnerable to abuse through sexual exploitation.Birmingham Space works directly with abused children and young people to single resource rotherham address strategies that will enable them to move towards a safer and more settled lifestyle.Over this time our contract in Kent to provide emotional wellbeing services of this nature has changed from a pilot service supporting all young people requiring therapeutic intervention in Swale, expanding throughout south and east Kent, to now countywide provision.The Harbour Project described above was set up in October and it is time-limited to 10 sessions we have experience of longer-term therapeutic support, and are currently piloting a 30 session model for one service user.Birmingham Space can provide preventative programmes in schools and youth settings to explore risk and vulnerability, define the difference between abusive and loving relationships, and raise awareness of how children can be targeted and exploited by adults.