Aaron kwok dating

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Aaron kwok dating

The media cited Hung's public PDA with current boyfriend, businessman Ken Kwok. The Chinese model even posted on her Weibo account bragging about her new mane.Hung added that she had found a more suitable relationship with Ken Kwok.

After midnight, Moka shared Aaron’s post, and replied, “Yeah!

However, Aaron refuted these rumors and stressed that the pair were merely friends.

Kabby Hui (許雅婷) Aaron was subsequently rumored to be dating pseudo-model Kabby, whom he followed on Instagram.

The actor-singer took showbiz by surprise yesterday evening when he released pictures of himself in a wedding tux and one of him and his groomsmen.

More official pictures of Aaron, 51, and his blushing bride was released later at night.

Aaron was rumored with the below women in the last two years: Anna Kay (葉子淇) Months after splitting from Lynn in 2013, Aaron was dating mainland artiste, Anna Kay.

At the time, the 29-year-old was spotted entering and spending the next 30 hours in Aaron’s home.

Sorry ladies, Aaron Kwok is officially off the market.

After weeks of speculation, the Heavenly King married his 28-year-old model-girlfriend, Moka Fang, in a low-key wedding ceremony held at The Peninsula Hong Kong, after two years of dating.

However, Kwok started to distance himself after she made the request and Fang stopped requesting for the apartment.

According to Lollipop, Kwok's manager refused to comment on rumours of the break-up.

The report said that the reason for the apparent break-up is Kwok's unhappiness with Fang's materialism.