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As a side note I don’t blame medics for holding their traditional views (even in the world’s best medical schools the students of tomorrow still aren’t getting proper training to use these incredibly powerful always carried supercomputers) but find it’s an eye opener when they get to appreciate the spyware that is already loaded on millions of smartphones: to detect mood swings.

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Patient app ‘saves thousands of nursing hours’, Paul Kelso, Health Correspondent, Sky News.

John Torous, co-director of the digital psychiatry program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, says of smartphones.

“Things like how active people are, how much people are sleeping, how far people are traveling each day.

It’s no secret that Samsung has long struggled with the media at product launches (e.g “Samsung weird”) but the very poor track record of Samsung Health (eg.

the now pretty much scrapped S Health from 2013 and later “Voice of the Body” health monitoring wearable) is greatly undermining trust in fans of the brand.

However, deep breathing becomes challenging for patients who have undergone surgery due to lung pain.

A doctor at Samsung Medical Center came up with the concept of Go Breath, which helped his patients recover faster, and consists of a portable device and mobile app that can teach patients basic techniques such as inspiration, coughing or deep breathing.Surely in 2018 the balance has well and truly swung towards everyone recognising that mobiles have made a huge positive contribution to our health and well-being?“They’re a very good proxy for capturing how we interact with our environment and other people,” Dr.they know when you’re visiting a pharmacy or a neighbourhood where drugs are being traded. For all the promise of smartphone health data, there’s scant evidence proving its effectiveness in the real world. “People may be surprised to find that personal data entered into a mental health app is forever out of their control,” says Torous” I sense I might be in a growing minority but I’d much prefer the situation where information that I gave to an app that I wrongly entrusted is misused than information about me that I can never access in the first place is being traded by healthcare organsations that I pay for via taxation with data trading corporations I never even know about. Little says insufficiently tested services could wind up diagnosing people with problems they don’t have.That could cause needless distress and waste doctors’ time.“Human behavior is infinitely complex,” Little says.

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